Tau Finance

As we embark on one of life’s great voyages—creating our first company—it is only fitting to craft an ode to finance and its significance to our society. Tau Finance exists to innovate and reengineer finance as we know it. We are technologists working at the intersection of law, economics, and computer science, reimagining the financial system from first principles where necessary, while adhering to proven paths and solutions.

We believe in the power of decentralised technology and the principle of truth over trust. Tau will begin by rebuilding the fundamental infrastructure on which capital markets are based: the asset register, clearing, and settlement layer. At Tau, we are forging the engineering guild for the financial system of the future, dedicated to creating a robust and innovative financial landscape.

Oh, finance, lifeblood of our modern age, In technology’s embrace, you find your stage. Through bytes and bits, your pathways now align, A seamless dance of algorithms divine.

With clicks and taps, the world you now command, Transforming wealth with just a gentle hand. From ancient ledgers to blockchain’s endless chain, You innovate, evolve, and break each chain.

Efficiency and trust you bring anew, In markets vast, your influence grew. Empowering dreams, you set our spirits free, Finance as technology, our grand legacy.